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Image Credit: Jonny Fuzz – Hastings & St. Leonards On-Sea Photography

Discovering St Leonards-on-Sea: Must-Experience Activities of the Coastal Town

  1. A Stroll Along the Promenade:

    Begin your exploration with a leisurely walk along St Leonards’ expansive seafront promenade. Lined with iconic Victorian and Edwardian buildings, the promenade offers mesmerising views of the English Channel. The sea’s gentle lull, paired with the town’s laid-back ambience, sets the tone for a relaxing visit.

  2. Dive into the World of Art at the Baker Mamonova Gallery:

    Located on Norman Road, the Baker Mamonova Gallery showcases contemporary art inspired by Russian and Eastern European influences. Housed within a historic building, this gallery offers a unique juxtaposition of the old and the new. The rotating exhibitions ensure that art enthusiasts have something fresh to admire during every visit.

  3. Discover Vintage Treasures:

    Norman Road, often dubbed the ‘Artistic Heart’ of St Leonards, is a haven for antique lovers. Brimming with vintage boutiques and quirky shops, it’s the perfect place to find unique pieces, retro home décor, and eclectic fashion finds. Norman Road is perfect for fashionistas looking for inspiration for their next outfit, or designers looking to add a new piece of furniture in their home.
  4. Rejuvenate at Warrior Square Gardens:

    These beautifully manicured gardens, nestled between the terraces of Warrior Square, offer a tranquil escape. With its blooming flowerbeds, verdant lawns, and Victorian charm, it’s an idyllic spot for picnics, reading, or simply soaking in nature’s beauty. The Warrior Square Gardens is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere in warmer weather.

  5. Relish the Culinary Delights:

    St Leonards is carving a niche for itself on the culinary map with impressive new joints opening often. Seafood enthusiasts must not miss the fresh catch at local restaurants, while those with a sweet tooth can indulge in homemade pastries and cakes at the town’s bakeries. Foodie can rejoice at the cuisines to enjoy in this town.

  6. Explore Marine Court:

    One of the town’s most iconic landmarks, Marine Court was inspired by the Queen Mary ocean liner. Built in the 1930s, this Art Deco masterpiece was once the tallest residential building in the UK. Today, its distinctive architecture stands as a testament to St Leonards’ rich history and evolution. Perfect for history lovers.

  7. Attend the Local Events:

    St Leonards provides excellent community-driven events, celebrating arts, music, and local traditions. From art workshops to music gigs and seasonal fairs, there’s always something happening in town. There’s usually always something to do. Be sure to check out the local events calendar to partake in the vibrant festivities!