Things To Do

There is certainly lots to do and see in this beautiful seaside town of St Leonards and neighbouring Hastings, whilst the local events calendar is absolutely worth noting during your visit. Immediately on your doorstep is Norman and Kings Road boasting its vast array of independent boutiques, antique shops and cafés that have developed a reputation on the South East Coast. Craft and design studios mingle with chic cafes, cuisine restaurants and fashion outlets selling both designer and vintage clothing and accessories. Explore the beautiful Regency buildings by the famous Regency architect and planner James Burton who designed a magical mix of Regency buildings and gardens all within walking distance. There are some great parks in and around St Leonards and Hastings too. Needless to say the amazing sea front is within a short stroll. Finally at the end of the day, come back and collapse in one of our 3 bedrooms!

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