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Image Credit: Jonny Fuzz – Hastings & St. Leonards On-Sea Photography

Hastings and St Leonards: Coastal Twins Full of Activities To Do

The towns of Hastings and St Leonards-on-Sea shine particularly bright whether its wandering the cobbled lanes, relished the culinary delights, or simply listening to the symphony of the sea – there is lots to do!

Let’s dive in and discover the best activities these towns have to offer:

    1. Explore Hastings Castle:

      Perched atop West Hill, the ruins of Hastings Castle offer more than just panoramic views of the sea and town below. This Norman fortress, a remnant of William the Conqueror’s reign, is steeped in history. As you wander through its remnants, you’re transported back to 1066, the year of the famous Battle of Hastings. Perfect for history buffs, visitors are often showered with knowledge of the castle’s rich history.

    2. Dive into the Blue Reef Aquarium:

      Situated on the beachfront, the Blue Reef Aquarium is a window into the marine world. Home to over 40 themed habitats, it showcases a diverse range of aquatic life, from local coastal species to tropical sharks. The underwater tunnel offers an immersive experience, letting you come face-to-face with fascinating marine creatures.

    3. Stroll the Hastings Pier:

      Rebuilt after a fire in 2010, Hastings Pier scooped the biggest award in British architecture: the RIBA Stirling Prize in 2017. A masterpiece in regeneration and inspiration. The pier, now a hub for events, also offers serene spots to enjoy the seaside views. Perfect for those seeking fresh breezes and moments of tranquility. Visit in the evening for a beautiful sunset and a vibrant atmosphere.

    4. Discover the Hastings Old Town:

      Hastings Old Town is a delightful maze of narrow streets, historic buildings, and hidden treasures. Boutique shops, antiques stores, and charming cafes line its lanes. The timber-framed houses and centuries-old pubs ooze character. Dive into the history of smuggling at the St. Clements Caves or the Fishermen’s Museum, which paints a vivid picture of the town’s maritime past.

    5. Embrace Nature at Hastings Country Park:

      Spanning over 600 acres, Hastings Country Park is a paradise for nature lovers. With its dramatic cliffs, ancient woodlands, and heathlands, the park is a haven for diverse flora and fauna. It’s an ideal spot for hiking, bird-watching, or simply basking in nature’s serenity. When visiting, make sure to bring a camera to capture the beauty this park has to offer.

    6. Revel in Cultural Events:

      Hastings is a hub for cultural events, from music festivals to traditional celebrations. The Jack in the Green Festival in May, celebrating the onset of summer, is a riot of colours and merriment. Meanwhile, the Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival in September is a treat for the palate, offering the best of local produce.

    7. Dive into the Arts at Hastings Contemporary Gallery:

      Located in the heart of the Old Town, Hastings Contemporary (formerly known as Jerwood Gallery) showcases the best of modern and contemporary British art. Its rotating exhibitions ensure there’s always something new to discover.

    8. Chillax on the Beach:

      No visit to Hastings is complete without some leisurely time on its pebbly beaches. Whether you’re looking to build a stone tower, dip your toes into the ocean, or simply lay back with a good book, the beach is the perfect escape. St Leonards also offers relaxing quieter pebble beaches.