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Image Credit: Jonny Fuzz – Hastings & St. Leonards On-Sea Photography

Hastings and St Leonards: Events To Check Out When You’re In The Area

  1. Hastings Jack in the Green Festival:

    Marking the arrival of summer, the May Day bank holiday weekend in Hastings is a sight to behold. The streets echo with traditional music, vibrant Morris dancing, and the spectacle of the Jack, a figure adorned in a garb of fresh greenery, dancing his way through the town. Symbolizing the spirit of renewal, this ancient tradition is a colourful, musical feast for the senses.

  2. Hastings Pirate Day:

    Ahoy there, mateys! Come July, and Hastings transforms into a pirate haven. With the Jolly Roger flying high, the town witnesses a massive influx of buccaneers, sea rogues, and treasure hunters. This playful event includes pirate parades, live music, and attempts to break pirate-themed world records. Don your best pirate attire and join the revelry!

  3. Hastings Old Town Carnival Week:

    An August staple, this week-long fiesta is an ode to Hastings’ old-world charm. Events range from the hilariously chaotic pram races to sea boot races, culminating in the grandeur of the Old Town Carnival. With floats, costumes, and a community spirit that’s contagious, it’s a week of pure joy.

  4. Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival:

    For those with a palate for a delicacy! September in Hastings promises a gastronomic journey. Celebrate the town’s coastal heritage with fresh seafood, complemented by the region’s best wines. Add to that live music, cooking demos, and wine masterclasses, and you have a weekend that’s delightful in every sense.

  5. Hastings Bonfire:

    As autumn paints the town in golden hues, October brings with it the warmth of the Hastings Bonfire. A part of the broader Sussex Bonfire traditions, the night sky is illuminated with a grand torchlit procession, culminating in a beach bonfire and a spectacular fireworks display. This event is perfect for those looking to huddle around a fire and enjoy the company of friends and families.

  6. Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition:

    Echoing the refined notes of classical masterpieces, late February or early March sees the town filled with the melodies of the world’s most talented pianists. Competing for top honours, this event is a must for classical music aficionados.

  7. Hastings Fat Tuesday:

    Drawing inspiration from New Orleans’ Mardi Gras, Hastings’ Fat Tuesday in February or March is the UK’s largest Mardi Gras celebration. Multiple venues pulsate with live music, making it a haven for music enthusiasts. This event is great for those looking for an exciting and energetic atmosphere.

  8. Hastings Literary Festival:

    When late August or early September rolls in, words take centre stage. With readings, workshops, and lively discussions, this festival is a literary lover’s paradise, celebrating the magic of words in myriad forms.

  9. Hastings International Chess Congress:

    End December witnesses a battle of a different kind – on the chessboard. One of the world’s oldest chess tournaments, it’s a congregation of grandmasters and chess enthusiasts, making strategic moves and eyeing the coveted title.

  10. Hastings Week:

    Commemorating its historic roots, mid-October’s Hastings Week is a journey back in time. Delve into the town’s storied past with guided walks, enlightening talks, and activities that salute its enduring legacy.